Gluten Free News: August 2011


Sorry for the belated post, but I’ve just returned from my honeymoon!  I’m now a married woman!  More on that later.  Here is your New York City GF news for August.

Al Roker bakes Gluten-Free Cupcakes

“Weatherman Al Roker told newscaster Ann Curry he’d made gluten-free cupcakes (with tapioca flour and rice flour) for his son Nicholas’s 9th birthday, which he shares with Mandela.” source: Bloomberg News.

DogFish Head adds a new Gluten-Free Beer to the Mix

In November, DogFish Head Craft Brewery will release their gluten-free concoction, Tweason’ale.  This is great news for gluten-free beer lovers, whose options are pretty limited. source: Bloomberg News.

Joan’s GF Great Bakes suffers from Fire

This news makes me really sad.  Joan’s makes some of the best frozen GF bagels out there.   I am keeping them in my thoughts and hope you do too! source: Long Island Herald

Babycakes at Rockaway Beach

Get your sugar fix while suntanning at the 97th Street Beach, where a half-dozen vendors share space.  source: New York Post

Sample Gluten-Free Bread on August 21

One of the NYC Celiac Disease Group’s members, Karen Freer, has just started a line of fresh gluten-free rolls, called, Free Bread.  She’s having  a tasting at her home and Meetup Members are invited to join!  source: NYC Celiac Disease Group

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