Muffins at Tu-lu’s


If you follow Tu-lu’s Gluten Free bakery on facebook you’ll know that bagels were to arrive on Saturday.  Sadly, the freezer was unplugged, causing the raw, frozen bagels from Joan’s to spoil.  Slightly dissapointed, but craving some GF treats, Erin (my GF friend, soon to be roommate!!) and I trekked the 10 blocks to Tu-Lu’s anyways for a late breakfast.  We each chose the raspberry muffin with almond crumble and chatted with Tully who told us not to fret, that Joan’s bagels would be arriving the next weekend (yay!).  Our muffins were absolutely delectable.  Light and airy, moist, sweet but not too sweet, and a pretty good deal at $2.50 a pop.  I paired my muffin with brown sugar lemonade, which was a fun and refreshing- perfect for that stifling hot day.

Vegan Ice Cream/Gluten-Free Cone


See this?  That is vegan ice cream in a cone.  My first cone since going gluten-free.  It certaily wasn’t as tasty as a sugar cone, but it tastes just like a glutenous wafer cone.  The ice cream was incredible.  Since they used cashew milk to make it, the chocolate had a nutty taste.  I didn’t miss the dairy at all.

Get your own vegan ice cream and gluten-free cone at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary on 6th between A and B.

Local Yogurt


Just bought this today from the Tomkins Square Farmer’s Market.  At the same market, I also found gluten-free muffins and quick breads from Meredith’s Bread.  I’ll be sure to try that next time.

Ronnybrook Farms is a local New York organic dairy farm.  That quart of plain yogurt cost me $3.50.  I consider that a deal since Stonyfield organic is at least $3.99 and most of the time more. 

Why am I talking about yogurt?  I mean, I ate it before I went gluten-free, but after being diagnosed with celiac, yogurt has been a staple in my diet.  It is good for breakfast, a snack, and great as in smoothies.  It has protein and active cultures that do well for my tummy. 

And this is yogurt is good.  I mean, really good.

Gluten-free, vegan, pizza from Viva Herbal Pizzeria


Viva Herbal Pizzeria

179 2nd Avenue, NY, NY

(212) 420-8801

I am recommending this place with some caveats.  It is fabulous to take all of your restricted-diet-diner friends (think vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) and their pizzas, as evidenced by this photo, were topped with beautiful looking fresh veggies and other ingredients.  BUT they failed to provide the basic necessity of a good pizza.  The crust.  It was flavorless and mushy.  AND you had to order a whole pie to get the cornmeal crust, and it was not cheap. 


Crust, convenience, cost=not so much.

At least it makes for a pretty picture.