“Wheat is Murder”


The above title was headline in the Fairfield County Weekly Newspaper’s article on gluten-free restaurants in Fairfield County.  Aside from the unclever headline, the article was a good resource on where to eat gluten-free in my home state of Connecticut (as is this blog). 

The gluten-free lifestyle and celiac disease have enjoyed some press lately in the New York area.  The above referenced article appeared last week and my grandmother found a more health-focused article on celiac disease in her local paper in Levittown, Long Island. 

More widely read, however, would be two New York Times Q&A type articles in their science and health sections. The first one headlined as “Gluten and Gluttony” (also ridiculous), was sent to me and my two sisters from my dad.  Its argument that cutting gluten from your diet is not necessarily beneficial to those other than celiacs (meaning those with gluten sensitivities) incited my father’s tendency to be a skeptic and had me defending the merits of families (particularly ours) getting tested for celiac because of its genetic nature.  It had many celiacs and those with gluten-sensitivites up in arms

The second article, “Can You Be Intolerant to Foods like Pasta?” is instead in the health section and has a gastroenterologist answer questions about gluten-sensitivities and celiac disease.  While this article highlights the controversy over gluten-sensitivity, it doesn’t dismiss the population of people that are gluten-intolerant but not celiacs. 

It’s good that the gluten-free lifestyle is frequenting media outlets, but I fear that it still being seen as a trendy new diet, rather than a serious medical condition.