Vaneiro’s has Italian Gluten-Free Pastries!


One of New York’s most famous Italian bakeries, Vaniero’s, has started making gluten-free products. Here’s the GF line-up:

Baci Pastry (flourless chocolate cake “dipped” in a chocolate casing)

Orange Delight Pastry (orange and cream neopolitan-like pastry)

Pignoli Cookies (cookie with pignoli nuts)

Spumenti Cookies (hazelnut meringue cookie)

Vaniero’s is a couple doors down from my favorite GF bakery, Tu-lu’s, and I wonder if Vaniero’s wanted to grab some of their clientele. Anyway, I stopped by to take a look at their desserts, but I was stuffed at the time and didn’t taste any. I will definitely be back though for that baci pastry for a late night snack (they are open until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays!).