My Dad’s Cookies


I have new favorite gluten-free cookies, “My Dad’s Cookies.”  I found them, surprisingly, at Mozzarelli’s, which I recently visited.  One wall of the pizza joint is littered with boxes of gluten-free cookies.  While waiting for my pizza, I had nothing better to do but stare at the 10+ different varieties, wondering what each would taste like.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long to find out as the cashier offered me three (!) samples, baiting me to go for their 3 for $15 promotion.  Although I would normally scoff at a $5 box of cookies (even Girl Scouts don’t charge that much), these were good.

I picked out my three varieties: black & white, to pay homage to the New York city treat; chocolate fudge because, it reminded me of those magical Keebler Elf cookies; and linzer,because its origins are Austrian and so are my fiance’s.  Each was delectable in their own way, having different textures and flavors.  My favorite was the raspberry linzer, whose gooey fruity filling paired perfectly with the light crunchy sugar cookie.  The most telling judgement came from Alex later that evening, who asked me with concern, “Are you sure these are gluten-free?”

I’ve only seen My Dad’s Cookies sold at Mozzarelli’s but you can order them online, which I recommend you do, like, now.