Review: El’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Snacks


A few weeks ago, Jo Burley from El’s Gluten-Free Snack contacted me about sampling some of their new snack products, Bagel Snaps, and Medleys Snack Mix.  I hadn’t heard of El’s before and wanted to know more about them.   El’s Kitchen began in 1998 selling seasoning rubs and decided to use their knack for flavor to season some gluten-free snacks.  Pretty interesting, right?

I received the samples this past weekend and immediately tore open the box, ran into the bedroom where my husband was lounging on our bed and dug in.  The first thing I noticed though, wasn’t the snacks themselves, it was the packaging.  The resealable pouch is a nice natural looking tan and thick, making me think it was recycled.  The colors used are earthy greens and oranges.  Even before I read that these snacks were natural, I knew, because of the packaging.

I decided to try the bagel snaps first.  I think I was expecting them to taste just like the gluten-filled bagel chips of my gluten-filled yester-year.  They didn’t.  They had a nice crunch and definitely lived up to their name.  That was where the similarity between glutenous bagel chips and these end.  These chips have a seriously unique flavor.  They are slightly sweet at first but as you chew, the dull spice kicks in.  I checked the ingredients, it must be the chili powder.  Even so, the flavor isn’t overwhelming and so they are great for toppings and dipping.  I made a bagel snap and prosciutto mini sandwich and it was awesome. However, these chips weren’t great for straight up snacking . I felt the flavor was a little too subtle.

Then, I tried the Medleys.  Wow.  What a flavor powerhouse!  Medleys includes the bagel chips, potato chips, corn kernels, pretzels, and corn chips.   It was an interesting combination of crunchy textures and a great combination of flavors.  Different from the bagel chips, the medley of snacks is salty and spicy and therefore for me, more snack-able.  I could eat these all day.

I was really impressed by El’s snacks.  Their interesting flavors set them apart from other more generic “salty” flavored snack and  in addition to being gluten-free, they are nut-free, dairy -free, and egg-free.  Please check them at at